How CEOs Can Transform the Sales Process:
Become the Chief Sales Officer Your Business Needs
By Mike Philie

Most companies have topline leadership for Finance (the CFO), Marketing (the CMO), and Technology (the CTO or CIO). Up to now, the missing member of the C-Suite has been the Chief Sales Officer (the CSO). Leading companies are now adding a CSO to put a high-level focus on sales strategies—but not in the form of a new employee. Instead, they are turning to their CEO to take on this added role in transforming the company’s sales process, realigning and redirecting it for today’s marketplace.

Authored by Epicomm sales advisor Mike Philie, this white paper outlines the strategic value of CEO also becoming your CSO, and explains how to make it work. The white paper will benefit any company that has full-time outside salespeople.

A CSO-driven transformation is a major organizational change, but it can also be a vital business breakthrough. By following the process outlined in this white paper, company leaders can begin a transformation to a more focused and consistent sales strategy that yields more—and more profitable—sales opportunities in our changing industry. Improving in-plant printing operations can pay off in many ways—from faster ROI to wider customer usage and more profitable performance. This white paper offers a practical guide to a variety of time-tested improvement strategies.

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